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Additional funds available for training

Extra e-credits (at least £500) are available for schools signed up with the Global Learning Programme!

Schools participating in the Global Learning Programme are now eligible for extra e-credits, even if you have already used existing credits.

You can spend the extra credits on the twilight CPD courses that we offer – have a look at our up and coming courses and find out more about how to request additional e-credits.

Courses must be booked by March 29th and attended by June 1st, 2018.


What we’re all about!

Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) has been working since 1984 to inspire schools and local communities in Cumbria to engage with, understand and take responsibility for the world in which we all live and contribute to making it a fair and sustainable place. Read more

CDEC also offers a membership service to schools and, in return, schools can access our vast library of resource boxes and receive discounts on our range of CPD courses. We offer both open courses and those that are tailored to the individual school. The tutors help teachers understand global learning and how they can implement this into the curriculum, with insight and practical activities.

CDEC is a member of the Consortium of Development Education Centres (CoDEC), a network of around 20 development education centres across England. Through our work on EU-funded programmes we are also an active participant in an extensive European global education network.