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Global Schools: Learning for the Future

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Embedding global learning in the primary curriculum.

What skills and values will young people need in the future?  What can education do to prepare them for an uncertain globally connected world?  What role should we play, as teachers, to best support our students?

These are some of the first big questions teachers will be discussing in the new 3 year project starting in August and September.

PtA JPEGs0014We now have a complete group of enthusiastic lead teachers for 2015 who have volunteered and are ready to take on the challenge of ‘embedding global learning into the primary curriculum’.  It is great to have such a talented and committed team who are keen to inspire others in putting global learning at the heart of their school and children’s learning!

They will be meeting in September to address their own training needs and to collaborate and share their expertise to move the project on. The project is funded by the EU and involves 10 different countries, with our special partner being Italy.  There will be teacher exchange between Italy and UK for lead teachers later in the project and plenty of opportunity for school linking and sharing of resources with other countries.PtA JPEGs0006

In 2016, the lead teachers will be looking for 8 teachers each from other schools who are less confident in integrating Global learning into their classroom practice to do some ‘cascade’ training.  If you are interested in joining as a ‘cascade’ school, email to register your interest now.  This is a great opportunity for free and practical training to start your Global journey!

We will also be looking for more lead teachers in 2016 for the second wave of the project, so if you missed out this year, do not despair!  Contact me and I will send you more information and dates.

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