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 Map Your Meal – learning more about the food you love


Map Your Meal is a three year international project with a global perspective on food related issues. We are working in Austria, Benin, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ghana, Greece and England.

We aim to explore the origins of food, see behind the labels of most popular grocery products and encourage more sustainable consumption, support local production and Fair Trade. The project is based on a comprehensive Smart Phone Application and accompanying interactive learning materials that support young people in exploring the origins of our food, their individual components, and their socio-economic and environmental impact.

We have a number of planned events and activities upcoming throughout Cumbria including interactive project days, photo exhibition, film screenings and much more.  See below for what’s coming up…

Smart Phone App
The App – is an innovative tool that aims to introduce everyone to global issues by invitingapp research them to learn more about their food. It can be used to inform your shopping choices, as a way of starting a conversation around food,  and an excellent stimulus for workshops and project work.  When released the App will be available to download free on Android and iPhone.
Public App Launch Meet us on 11th June 2016 to test the App, have fun and talk more about food. Play games, walk in the 3D info maze and taste delicious artisan ice creams and our own ethical chocolates. If you miss us on the day look for MYM information stand in the local supermarkets this summer.

Interested in supporting us in building the App and volunteering as a product researcher? email:

Photo Exhibition
With a stunning selections of colourful photos depicting farmers at work, the Map Your Meal photo exhibition takes us on a journey around the world from a Fair Trade sugar plantation in Jamaica, across cocoa farms in Ghana, wheat fields of India and Ethiopia, to Madagascar, where hand pollinated vanilla orchids produce the world’s second most expensive spice. Showing ingredients of one of our favourite treats – we share smallholder farmers’ stories and their products.

During March you can catch up with the exhibition at The Lakes School, Windermere, and on 12th & 13th March at the Kendal Food Festival.

If you are interested in hosting the exhibtion please email or call us on 015394 31602

International Summer School
26th June – 2nd July, Austria
Plan your summer with us!
Be one of the four young people who will represent Cumbria and get a 6 day ultimate activism experience in Austria.  Meet like minded young people from all around the worldinternational summer school to exchange and share ideas and experiences, learn more about food, sustainability and
change, and celebrate diversity.  Join in with workshops, working groups, discussions and direct action.  Map Your Meal will cover the cost of travel and accommodation.

Applications open in April 2016 for those over 18 years of age.  If you would like some more information please email 

Film Screenings
film screeningsFilm Screenings are planned for 2017.  Keep an eye on this webpage and our FB page for dates and venues.  The screenings will focus on the ethics of food, help us understand the impact the food we love has on people and planet, and encourage further discussion.

Interested in organizing the film screening and discussion club?contact

For youth leaders and community educators – a unique opportunity to stretch the concept of citizenship and support your youth work practice with activities and tools that can be easily integrated into your programmes. It can make your regular work more exciting with links to real life events and situations that take place around the globe every day but are sometimes hard to understand and follow. Bringing in a more global perspective can re-energise your approach with new tools, perspectives and methods, and can contribute to workshops_youth_workersyour professional development and add a new dimension to your practice with young people.  All participants get a Map Your Meal youth work handbook.

For food activists – digging in the soil, growing own tomatoes, cooking for people in need, tending to your permaculture plot?   Let’s meet, share experiences of alternative food systems and see how what you do links with the wellbeing of the planet and people around the world. Bringing in a more global perspective can re-energise your approach with new perspectives and methods, and can contribute to the development of your initiative and add a new dimension to your practice.

All workshops will run from Autumn 2016.  For more information email