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On this page you can find free resources to download:

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Follow the links below to have a look at our fab new World from our Doorstep ‘ Day in the Life’ animations!

Day in the Life of a Honey Maker
Day in the Life of a Basket Maker
Day in the Life of a Cocoa Farmer


Meet Zogg! on his adventure to Planet earth, as he makes new friends and finds out about the people, animals, and environments of this beautiful planet!

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This film accompanies the big storybook “Meet Zogg”, a resource for teachers and parents to introduce their children to the wider world, learn about the environment and other people and places…from an alien’s-eye-view! (You can buy Meet Zogg from our online shop!)

Topic boxes available to borrow:

Baskets small Musical Inst small Art & Design Small Philosophy for Children Small

Project and other reports

Global Schools – Learning for the Future project resources

Map Your Meal Toolkit

Other information and curriculum materials

Fairtrade Activity Pack Audit Handbook

Links to other Global Education Sites

Oxfam Global Dimension Think Global
DEC Consortium    Fairtrade