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    CDEC offers schools and organisations support and training in global citizenship.

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Welcome to CDEC

Welcome to Cumbria’s force for global learning good! We hope that you find what you need, whether it is CPD training or volunteering opportunities, global learning resources or our latest news.

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Who are we?

CDEC is a small, Cumbria-based charity with a big heart, an established track record and big ambitions to influence and promote global learning and citizenship throughout Cumbria, nationally and internationally.

We are well known for providing excellent training for teachers and opportunities for schools and communities to be involved with P4C, the Sustainable Development Goals and the wide-ranging projects that we deliver.

We believe that Cumbria is a beacon for global citizenship.

Teachers and schools!

CDEC has developed CARE - Compassionate and Restorative Education - which is a new teacher training course and toolkit, in response to the challenges primary and secondary schools are facing at the moment as a direct result of COVID-19. We recognise that the effects of COVID-19 for children, families, schools are not short lived. 

The main aim is to support teachers, pupils, schools and communities in a compassionate and restorative educational approach to aid transition, recovery and learning through and following COVID-19.

It empowers young people to become more compassionate, resilient learners and active citizens of the future. 

We will be announcing new dates for our CARE open course for primary and secondaries in the new year.

Course Details

Courses and Other Events Coming Up

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Become a Member

Whether you are an individual, school or organisation that wishes to get the most out of our global learning and citizenship expertise, joining CDEC will open the doors to expert support and resources.

  • 10% off our CPD courses
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  • the opportunity to take part in our unique projects

Get Involved

By volunteering with us, fundraising for us, or working for us, you too can help shape the breadth of our influence within Cumbria’s communities, as well as with our national and international partners!

Through donating your time and expertise, whether as volunteers or through fundraising, you are helping Cumbria to continue to be a beacon of global citizenship.

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