Celebrating CDEC's achievements

Celebrating CDEC's achievements

Nov 11, 2019

Over the course of a year, CDEC works hard to help young people, communities and their schools to come together to better understand the world and make it a better place - by starting with their own space.

Think global, act local is the core of CDEC's work. By putting the bigger picture in front of our children and their communities, and then showing them how they can make a difference in their own local space, gives them a sense of achievable purpose.

Over the course of a year, between April 2018 and March 2019, we worked with over 250 children and trained over 270 teachers. 

We also concluded some impressive projects: The Global Schools project was a Europe-wide collaboration to influence both teachers and headteachers, but also worked to put global learning in the spotlight with education policy makers. After three years, we'd worked closely with nine schools in Cumbria, discussed issues with the county's education politicians and with leading headteachers. 

Hidden Stories, Shared Lives also drew to a close after 'Extending the conversation'. The heart of this project extended it beyond its original remit and the exhibition was well-received in our schools - both primary and secondary. Cockermouth School took the exhibition, workshop and activities and introduced the concepts of migration, moving and home to their feeder primary schools on their Year 5 days.

We also drew attention to our work through a new website and using social media to post regular updates and news about global learning and our courses and projects. We had nearly 4000 people visit our website between it's launch in June 2018 and the end of March 2019 and nearly 14,000 posts on Facebook were clicked by interested individuals.

The team at CDEC is now working hard to ensure 2019-2020 is an even better year for this industrious organisation, and that teachers are well supported in their global learning ambitions and that their pupils have the opportunity to explore what it means to have a fair, equitable and balanced society.

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