Activities to celebrate Earth Day

Activities to celebrate Earth Day

Apr 15, 2020

On 22 April, communities around the world will be celebrating Earth Day. This year, it is virtual! To help you and your children think about the planet in the run up to Earth Day, we are taking a look at rain forests and encouraging conversations with our family members. Earth Day links directly into Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 13 Climate Action, 14 Life Below Water and 15 Life on Land.

Rain forest Plant Hunt

Have you got any pot plants at home? Have you wondered about what those leafy beauties’ names are and where they originate from? You might be surprised, but some of today’s more popular house plants originally came from the rain forests. Let’s use this time as an opportunity to explore the rain forest in our own house.

A Climate Conversation

This Earth Day, encourage your children to talk to their elderly relatives, either online or over the phone. Children can ask their relatives a series of questions about the environmental changes they’ve seen since they were their age. This activity asks children to focus on one of three topics for their conversation: Food, Weather or Transport - this activity comes from The World's Largest Lesson.

Encouraging conversations with our children

Children's Big Questions during Coronavirus - resources for parents

This resource for parents contains ideas for questions, books, and videos to facilitate conversations with children about the difficult issues they are contemplating at this time. Take a look to gain an understanding of what our young people are dealing with and how we can best respond.

Hometalk - Week 3
In Dialogue Works' Hometalk Week 3, you have a chance to explore reasons why. Ask your children 'why' something is and they develop skills to explain and use 'because'.


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Activities to celebrate Earth Day