Lets celebrate our family heritage on World Heritage Day!

Lets celebrate our family heritage on World Heritage Day!

Apr 8, 2020

Saturday 18 April is World Heritage Day. Usually, heritage sites are open and we can explore these. But this year this won't be possible, and we also realise that our own family heritage is as equally important.

So here are some activities to get everyone thinking about what family memories, objects or values are important, and why.

Heritage: Lets explore our family treasure

In the past the word ‘heritage’ often referred to something big and monumental. However, it is all of us who create heritage by giving attention, meaning and value to objects or stories.

This family activity invites you to get together and share family memories, weave a story of past times, see some old objects with new eyes and re/create your family heritage.

Zooming Granny

Your days might be feeling long in your home – but they will also be feeling very, very long for your grannies/grandpas and older relatives who are self–isolating or in care homes where they have no visitors.  Now is the time for you to cheer them up and try having a longer conversation with them! Here are some ideas to get you going.

Hometalk Week 2 from Dialogue Works

Last week, we included Dialogue Works' Home Talk - Week 1. Here's the next issue. There are more discussion ideas and thinking moves, as well as a focus on reflection, which you might find useful to the activities on family heritage above. Download the activity here.

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