Half-term fun activities - Celebrate Africa Day!

Half-term fun activities - Celebrate Africa Day!

May 19, 2020

Monday 25 May is Africa Day, so why not celebrate this day with the continent of Africa while learning a little bit about any of the amazing countries that are found there. Plus we have an activity to help you learn some techniques to help to navigate by nature!

It's half-term so time for something a bit different. We're celebrating Africa Day by remembering the diversity that exists in this vast and mesmerising continent. 

There are seven climate zones, 3700 animal species, and over 3,000 different ethnic groups speaking more than 2,100 different languages living in 54 countries. 

So why not start to explore this amazing place with this activity 'Where on Earth is Kigali?'

Contemporary African Art

Art is a sensory experience: when you first encounter a painting, sculpture or photograph, you relate to it through your emotions. While a work of art may or may not always contain meaning, it usually stimulates your senses and leads you to experience feelings. So here we invite you to experience contemporary African art and to then make your own with our activity!

Navigate by nature

Ever wondered how people found their way around before GPS on their phones, or even before we went by map and compass? Learn how to look for clues as to the direction you may be heading through this activity here.