Home learning activities: Family time for Day of the Family

Home learning activities: Family time for Day of the Family

May 6, 2020

On 15 May is International Family Day, and this week we bring your a selection of activities to work on as a family - and to explore families in different parts of the world. We are also encouraging everyone to think about perspectives, which is shown in the Tale of the Two Villages.

In just over a week, it is International Day of the Family. While we are all spending more time with our families at the moment, it is a good opportunity to explore the lives of other families. Use this activity exploring a collection of photos to delve into what life is like for other people around the world. 

Why not also discover what the rest of your family feels are and have been important parts of their lives and that they would put into their imaginary backpack to take through life with them. What would you put in yours? Try this activity here.

We are also looking at different perspectives this week through the Tale of the Two Villages (Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3) brought to us by Sankofa - Storytelling for the digital age, and HEC Global Learning Centre. Watch the story being told by the wonderful Alia at HEC and then take a look at the activity sheet (the links to the story are on the activity sheet too).

Finally, Dialogue Works' Home Talk Week 6 is also all about different points of view and equality. Take a look at their P4C activities and choose the right one for the age of your children.

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