Do you want to become a community host? Come and learn and practice the Art of Hosting with CDEC

Do you want to become a community host? Come and learn and practice the Art of Hosting with CDEC

Dec 17, 2020

Our Discovered Stories Shared Lives project is organising new training in the Art of Hosting facilitation. Are you in the Workington, Whitehaven or Barrow-in-Furness areas and want to learn about this approach to help build community in your area?

Entering the new culture of hosting communities of welcome

We warmly invite you to join a community of learners, who wish to grow and nurture the foundation for a social culture which is collaborative, participatory and welcomes everybody. 

Our times are full of change, judgement and polarity.  Wellbeing and belonging are now more important than ever, and yet it is increasingly difficult for people to live in places where they feel welcomed and like the structures that in support of their health, prosperity and safety.  

There is a need for new ways for communities to come together, build relationships and develop the skills and tools necessary to support them in making changes which will improve their quality of life.  We believe a future in which everybody can participate, bring their leadership & find their place, will help make Cumbria a safe place for future generations to live, raise their families in, and find prosperity.  

We are offering this free training to residents in Cumbria, those who have lived here for generations, and those whose roots originate in other places, countries and cultures. The journeys which have brought many to this place may have been near or far, with a real richness of people bringing their lives to Cumbria from all corners of the world. This training aims to bring us all together: New Cumbrian communities, along with local residents and skilled  trainers, to participate in a taster training for The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter.  

The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter is an approach to leadership that scales up from the personal, helping people work with the systems in which they live and work.  It uses dialogue processes, personal practice, facilitation skills and co-creation of innovation to address complex challenges in ways which build community.

The aim is to build a community of practitioners which develops a shared set of skills and practices, to help grow a new culture of working together which enables people to build cultures which really support wellbeing and positive action, to make our communities more connected and great places to live.  

The training will take place over 4 online sessions and there will be opportunities for participants to step in and practice what they are learning, gaining experience in hosting during session 2, 3 and 4.  There will be  individual personal coaching sessions for people who want to take on this opportunity.  

Sessions will run throughout January, February and March 2021 and will finish by March 31st - with the precise dates of all sessions to be confirmed by 13th January 2021.  Each session will take approximately 2-3 hrs.

By participating in this session you will gain a taster of the common methods used in the Art of Hosting, including World Cafe, Open Space Technology, Circle Practice, Appreciative Enquiry, all woven together in the framework of systems thinking and complexity science, but delivered in a bitesize, easy to digest way, which enables learning to proceed at the right pace for participants.  There will be a free handbook provided which contains details of all the learning materials and enables everybody to refresh and remember what they have learnt during the course of the training. Residents and/or members of communities of Barrow in Furness, Workington and Whitehaven will have opportunity to take their learning further and apply it in community projects with funding from the Discovered Stories Shared Communities project kindly funded by the Big Lottery Community Fund.

With the warmest wishes, this is a heartfelt invitation to join us in this learning and become part of a community of practice, creating a new culture into which everybody is welcome. 

Thank you and please be in touch with your questions! Email

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You can learn more about why communities of welcome are an important part of CDEC's work right here.

Do you want to become a community host? Come and learn and practice the Art of Hosting with CDEC