Discovered Stories Shared Communities: Momentum is building

Discovered Stories Shared Communities: Momentum is building

Jan 5, 2021

After a quiet start to the project in March 2020 as Coronavirus reached our shores, the two-year Discovered Stories Shared Communities project is starting to make its mark in the Workington and Barrow-in-Furness communities.

The first part of this project, which is funded by the Big Lottery Community Fund, involved laying the groundwork by building links with other organisations, the local authorities and community members.

Now Gabi, the project officer, is preparing to launch an exciting three-month online training programme on participatory leadership where the aim is to reach consensus and conclusions through working together. The skills that participants will develop through this programme will be essential as Discovered Stories Shared Communities opens up and supports intercultural and intergenerational conversations in the Workington and Barrow areas.

The outcome of this will be a collection of stories, through which we can all listen to people talk about their different experiences as they share what it means to be welcomed, to belong and to be part of the community. This will give everyone the chance to shape and create the atmosphere that we all want to live in. These will all then combine to create the ultimate aim of an online exhibition.