Meet our Trustees

Meet our Trustees

Peter BattyChair of the Board of Trustees

Peter Batty

Peter has been Chair of the Board since 2015 and a trustee since 2011. Prior to this, he worked with CDEC for more than 20 years in a variety of capacities. As a teacher in the 1980s he first began to appreciate the importance of what was then called development education. Subsequently he has come to realise the relevance of global citizenship to us all, in every walk and at every stage of life. As Chair of CDEC, Peter is proud to lead a team of dedicated trustees and wants to do everything possible to support the staff team in ensuring that CDEC maintains and develops its strong tradition of working with schools throughout the county. His vision for the future is that, from these foundations, CDEC grows its leadership role in promoting and coordinating global citizenship in community, business and public life right across Cumbria and beyond.

Mason MinnittVice Chair of the Board of Trustees

Mason first joined CDEC in 1997 as a Cumbrian secondary head teacher representative. He was very keen to explore how ethical learning and teaching practice could include elements of the global dimension, student-led evaluation and research and exploration of fairness, equal-valuing and justice. He resigned after being appointed as Director of Barrow Community Learning Partnership and Education Action Zone based in Furness. The same values, principles and curriculum practice informed innovation and raising achievement programmes in Barrow and its hinterland. On retirement from work in Barrow-in-Furness, he rejoined CDEC along with Professor Murray Saunders with whom he had been collaborating in the role of Honorary Research Fellow at Lancaster University.

Clive RichesTreasurer to the Board of Trustees

Clive has worked across the world as an education consultant specialising in inspections, training and assessment. He has written a number of books and articles on economics and brings a careful eye to the finances of CDEC. He has been a trustee since 2009.

Anne MyersSecretary to Board of Trustees

Anne Myers

Becoming a trustee after retiring as a teacher, was one of the best decisions Anne believes she’s made. She has been secretary for four years, a role which means she in close contact with both trustees and staff. Their foresight, adaptability, imagination and commitment to CDEC's ethos never cease to amaze her.

Gary NewmanTrustee, with responsibility for safeguarding

Gary Newman

Gary is the head teacher of a small Cumbrian primary school which, for many years, has endeavoured to keep global learning at the centre of the curriculum and the pupils’ educational experience. As a trustee, he brings a useful perspective on the challenges and rewards of developing the young global citizens of tomorrow within the current educational landscape. Gary has responsibility for safeguarding and a keen interest in strategic planning within the organisation.

Jen JacksonTrustee

Jen Jackson

Jen has been a trustee of CDEC since 2005. At that time she had an advisory role for citizenship with Cumbria LA, within the Healthy Schools team. Until her retirement in 2011, she worked closely with CDEC to provide support for schools in relation to the citizenship agenda. After her retirement, she held the role of CDEC chair of trustees for four years. In her current trustee role, she supports the development of social capital and aims to encourage stronger links with secondary schools.

Professor Murray SaundersTrustee

Murray has been a trustee since 2016. He works at Lancaster University as a professor in the field of evaluation in the Department of Educational Research. He is also part of a small consultancy called IDEAs. Most of his professional life has been involved with evaluation in higher education but he has undertaken evaluations in a wide variety of situations including development, creative industries and agriculture. Part of his personal mission is to make evaluations useful and to help people evaluate their own practices. This is what he hopes to bring to CDEC.

Mary HallawayVice President

Mary Hallaway

Mary served on board of Trustees between 2004 and 2011. She spent 18 years between 1969 and 1995 in university administration and in teaching biochemistry to medical, veterinary and science students in Nigeria, Uganda and Malawi, with nine years in the 1980s as Principal of Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds (now Leeds Trinity University). She was awarded an OBE for her work in 1989. She became involved with CDEC when she retired to Cumbria, and through work with the Carlisle One World Centre. She found CDEC and its staff a most inspiring organisation and felt privileged to contribute. It was particularly exhilarating to visit schools and hear to young people’s engagement with development.

Dr Margaret RichesVice President

Dr Margaret Riches

Margaret spent her career in education, developing, advising and supporting cross-curricular learning. As senior lecturer at St Martin’s College, Lancaster for Primary Education and Geography, Chris Rowley introduced her to CDEC for the first time. Margaret began to borrow resources from CDEC for training sessions with students. These resources encouraged her students to use enquiry methods as an effective strategy for teaching and learning. Later on, as Director of Cumbria Arts in Action which was based in the same building as CDEC, she reconnected with CDEC and became a trustee, offering her valuable experience in education and cross-curricular and experiential learning. She is now a vice president and continues to support and offer advice to the CDEC team

Chris RowleyVice President

Chris Rowley

While a lecturer at Ambleside in the early 1990s, Chris was involved in bringing CDEC to Ambleside from its previous base near Workington. During his involvement in CDEC, Chris was partly involved in introducing Philosophy for Children as an approach to development education. He is now retired and living in Kendal.

Eleanor KnowlesVice President

Eleanor Knowles' connection with CDEC began in 1991 when she developed a new community linking project idea, led by the Development Education Centre in Preston. From 1994 Eleanor was the leader of this Lancashire and Cumbria linking programme based in Preston. In 1998 Eleanor moved permanently to the CDEC team, first taking a lead on community-based programmes, and then filling the role of centre officer. Eleanor became the first full-time Director of CDEC, specialising in the fields of Philosophy for Children, school linking, and anti-racist education. She remained in this role until leaving to become a primary school teacher in 2012. As Vice President, Eleanor continues to champion the work of CDEC in her own school, supporting P4C and global citizenship projects and supporting other teachers in developing their knowledge and understanding of global citizenship.

Joe HumanVice President

Joe Human

Joe taught for 20 years, in Kenya, Papua New Guinea and England, following which he worked for Oxfam GB for 20 years, mainly in communications. As a teacher, education worker and campaigner, he used many of the methodologies of development education to promote awareness of global issues. In 2002 he retired to Keswick, where he was a founder member of the local Fairtrade campaign, and in 2004 he was instrumental in setting up Cumbria Fairtrade Network, of which he was coordinator until handing over to CDEC in 2015. Joe was on the board of CDEC for six years until 2015 and was a trustee of the Fairtrade Foundation until 2012. In 2010 he was awarded the MBE for services to Fairtrade in Cumbria and to Oxfam.