Our Impact

Our Impact

The political, technological, religious and social world in which we live is ever more complex and the key to understanding and managing it is through questioning, reflecting and experience.

Not everyone has the chance to develop these skills or has the chance to use them. We need your support so that we can continue to engage with Cumbria’s communities, particularly our children and young people, to enable them to have such skills and the opportunity to use them.

We want to ensure our young Cumbrians have the knowledge, experience and confidence to understand social, environmental and technological changes in the county and in the wider world. They will then be better equipped to deal with the unknown developments the future will undoubtedly bring.

You are part of Cumbria’s wider community and depend on our county’s organisations, like our schools, social groups and businesses, so we want them to treat you with fairness and respect. We all need to be better equipped to support every generation to build both a fairer and a more sustainable Cumbria and world.

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