Helping to promote anti-racism in our schools and communities

We cannot build a fair and more sustainable world without a focus on addressing anti-racism and supporting ourselves, schools and communities to become actively anti-racist. Tackling social justice issues - like racism - is an important element of our work.

Supporting schools to become actively anti-racist

We have a range of resources for schools to support them in developing their thinking, knowledge and action to become actively anti-racist. These include the resources we've developed for Early Years settings to be more aware of welcoming and including families from other cultures.

Projects within the community to support anti-racism

Working with a collection of other Cumbrian organisations, our Same Storm Different Boats project shares resources and ideas so we are all more able to challenge racism and be anti-racist. You can find out more about the project here.

And don’t forget the stories of people who were born in different countries but now live in Cumbria. Our Hidden Stories, Shared Lives project collected these together and you can access snippets of these stories here, use the resource box in schools and the workshop resources in schools and communities.