Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a teaching methodology that helps develop pupils' critical thinking and enables them to engage with complex and controversial global issues. 

P4C develops skills and attitudes associated with global citizenship such as:

  • open-mindedness
  • critical thinking
  • listening
  • respect
  • co-operation
  • empathy
  • the ability to give reasons for an opinion. 

And research shows that regular philosophy sessions can help improve attainment in English and maths. 

Cumbria P4C is 25 

CDEC has played a part in helping establish Philosophy for Children (P4C) in Cumbria 25 years ago. We have now helped pull together, along with other key P4C movers and shakers, a newsletter that both looks back at where P4C has come from to where we are today. You can read it here.