Whether you are starting your own or your school's global learning adventure or are already well on your way and need some support, you are in the right place!

CDEC has worked with schools and teachers in Cumbria for over 30 years, providing relevant and up-to-date training in global learning, offering and supporting membership and engaging schools in exciting and creative projects that often link to the wider community. 

What subjects can you help me and my school with?

We are constantly evolving to take account of the changing needs of schools and society to bring you help to engage your pupils in often complex and demanding topics, such as climate change, anti-racism and sustainability, in an approachable, enquiring and sympathetic way. 

How can my school access your help and support?

Use the menus to explore what whole-school training we can provide for twilight, half and whole day sessions or what open courses we have available, how your school can take advantage of the projects that we run (with no cost to yourselves) and how you can become a member and gain access to strong support and exceptional resources (like our vast and comprehensive resource box collection).