Corporate Social Responsiblity and Team Building

Corporate Social Responsiblity and Team Building

What is the role of global citizenship in business?

Global citizenship extends to organisations and businesses. Your workplace is also part of our local and global communities, and is dependent upon the global political, economic, environmental and social situation for business.

Leading by example and displaying respect and fairness to staff, customers and the communities in which you operate, and acknowledging your responsibilities towards the planet, your organisation can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, instil growth, prosperity and become more sustainable entities.

This is good for business and for communities!

Fostering corporate social responsibility is taking on this mantle and being a responsible and an active part of your community. Supporting your staff and customer’s fundraising, their local groups and schools, reducing your impact on the planet and taking positive action to ensure your organisation has a positive impact on people wherever you engage with them are just some steps you can take.

The biggest hurdle can sometimes be that within the organisation. Gaining an understanding of something that doesn’t show an immediate quantitative impact isn’t always appealing to organisations.

How can CDEC help you?

However, CDEC has the experience and deep knowledge of how to engage with a wide variety of stakeholders to benefit an organisation’s culture. We come to your business, lead team-building challenges to foster cooperation and a shared identity within the organisation and the community in which it sits.

We talk to you, learn about your organisation and then develop a bespoke plan to start you on your CSR journey.

Please get in touch with us on 015394 31602 or at to start talking about how you can improve your business and your reputation!