CARE - Compassionate and Restorative Education

CARE - Compassionate and Restorative Education

Throughout Cumbria, CDEC is well-known in the education sector for offering high-quality, up-to-date teacher training in and around global learning and global citizenship.

Gain support for your school's teachers, pupils and communities in a compassionate and restorative educational approach to aid transition, recovery and learning following COVID-19

CDEC has developed CARE - Compassionate and Restorative Education, which is a new training course and toolkit, in response to the challenges schools are facing at the moment as a direct result of COVID-19. We recognise that the effects of COVID-19 for children, families, schools are not short lived. 

The main aim is to support teachers, pupils, schools and communities in a compassionate and restorative educational approach to aid transition, recovery and learning following COVID-19.

It empowers young people to become more compassionate, resilient learners and active citizens of the future.

What methodologies is the course based on?

The course is based on some of the expertise that CDEC is well known for providing training in, including:

  • Philosophy for Children (P4C)
  • storytelling
  • creative practices
  • outdoor learning opportunities
  • community building.

How will this course be delivered?

This course will be delivered face-to-face online through ZOOM. We are flexible as to how we will deliver it but we have one suggested model:

  • Half a day (3hrs with break) online initial training for all teachers. This will include a short section on staff well-being, introduction to CARE with underlying principles and progression and the resources toolkit (we think that the CARE approach works really well through a creative project).
  • Two fortnightly twilight catch up online (1hr) to review progress and develop further or specific skills (for instance P4C in the outdoors, mindfulness activities, more ways to use storytelling, or community building). 
  • A one hour on-line session at the end of a term or agreed length of time to review progress and identify any long-term needs.
  • Offer of half a day's Inset training three to four months after the initial session – face to face or online (this training will be decided in the review stage above). 

Over the next year, CDEC will host a series of webinars that will further support this CARE approach, which will focus on:

  • storytelling, P4C, outdoor learning, and so on
  • COVID-19 impact on particularly vulnerable groups of young people (BAME, SEND, ACEs).

How can I get more information on the course?

To find out more, book on to one of our FREE taster sessions, which we are running on:

  • Thursday 28 May, 10.30am to 11.15am
  • Wednesday 3 June, 4.00pm to 4.45pm

Book your place on one of these taster sessions here.

How do I book my school onto the course?

If you want to find out more, talk to us about your school's needs, or book the course for your school, click the link at the top of this page.