Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning

The Connecting Classrooms through Global Learning (CCGL) programme, developed and funded by the British Council and DfID, aims to connect schools in the UK with others in specific countries around the world.

Through developing relationships with one another, the pupils will learn more about the issues that shape our world as well as develop connections with other cultures and people.

CDEC is the official adviser for Cumbria for CCGL and is able to offer your school or school cluster help and support in finding a linking school, in applying for funds to run your link, and advice on training from a range of providers that may be suitable for your teachers. If you would like help, please contact us!

CDEC has also been selected as one of the official training providers and as soon as we have confirmation on the courses that will be offered, we will share them with you. 

If you want to learn more about the whole programme, visit the CCGL site here.