Group training

Group training

Our group training offer gives you a chance to book a series of global learning courses at a discounted rate either solely for your whole school or as a group of schools, and receive pre- and post-training support.

Bring the golden thread of global learning into your school with CDEC’s latest training offer.

For just £800 you get an introductory meeting, three two-hour training courses of your choice over the academic year and a follow-on ‘where next’ session. This would normally cost £1000, making it fantastic value!

This is an economic way to enhance your teachers’ expertise, to bring the wider world into your school’s curriculum and to benefit your pupils.


Book our global learning group training programme for:

  • your school
  • multiple schools in your a cluster group
  • the schools in your academy trust.


Three key reasons to book CDEC’s global learning training programme:

  1. Global learning is important
    Use the golden thread of global learning to bind your curriculum, school ethos and community together.

    Help your young people understand the wider world and their place in it, while giving them the skills to deal with a changing global situation.

    Share with them the benefits of a sustainable society and a fair world, and how we depend upon other parts of the globe through our Think Global Act Local approach.

    Shape your young people to become future global citizens.

  2. Ofsted is emphasising the need for a broad and balanced curriculum - global learning gives you this
    By including the wider world and its issues in your lessons, you enrich your curriculum, and increase the motivation of both your staff and your pupils. This improves attainment of those pupils who are struggling academically while also stretching your gifted and talented children, and is recognised by Ofsted.

  3. Options to share costs with other schools, build local support networks and train out of school hours
    Because CDEC works closely with local schools, consults with LASLS and with county, we know that your time for training and your budget are constantly being reduced.


Training that's relevant to you

We also know you need support for building your global learning expertise. Therefore, we want to provide training that is relevant to your schools’ needs and to your local area.

By developing this training offer, our aim is to add value to your whole school’s teaching, learning and educational ethos. This offer also provides multiple schools with the opportunity to book as a group.

When you book as a group of schools, your schools splits the costs, you get the benefit of sharing expertise with other schools and teachers over time, and you get what you need from local, Cumbrian trainers, who come to you – saving you travel time.

And we are offering it to you as Inset half days or after-school twilight sessions – so there’s no need to fund cover.


What does the group training include?

The programme gives you:

  • an introductory session where we chat to you about your needs, level of experience in teaching global learning and the best courses for you, the dates to hold the courses plus the venue
  • three two-hour twilight or Inset training courses on global learning topics – you can choose your three from a list below – which will be held over the academic year
  • a follow-on ‘where-next’ session.

All for £800.


Why have we developed this offer?

We know your time and budgets are restricted. So we have developed this offer after consultation with LASLs to keep your time commitment low, whilst giving you the support to develop global learning within your school.


How can I find out more and book my group training?

Give us a call on 015394 31602, email us at or complete the Course Enquiry form here and select the course option of Group Training.


What courses can I chose from?

Leading for the Future

What are the links between pupil leadership, learning and global citizenship? Is there such a thing as 'sustainable' leadership? This course looks at practical classroom activities for developing young global leaders in your classroom and shares best practice to develop student voice.

5 Steps to Wellbeing

Learn to use an outdoor space as a powerful medium for improving physical and mental wellbeing. You will also link wellbeing in with global concepts of identity, interconnectedness, reflective action, peace and conflict, sustainable societies and human rights and add to the PHSE and SMSC strands of your teaching.

Embedding Global Learning

Start exploring global learning and understand its importance for pupil learning. The focus is on supporting you and your colleagues to embed elements of global learning in to your planning using a fun, engaging approach.

Philosophy for Children (P4C) & Global Learning

Develop your pupils’ thinking skills with P4C in a global context. The focus of P4C sessions is to help you with a range of experiential and inspiring activities, and the key concepts that underpin global learning. You will also explore new perspectives that will challenge you and help you in challenging your children.  

Global Maths

Use real and relevant examples to enrich your maths teaching and help children learn about global issues at the same time. If you are a busy teacher wanting to teach children real maths skills for their future world and to help them critically analyse and question statistics, then this course is a must.

Global Science

Explore ways to integrate the global dimension into science activities. The course focuses around the topics of food, water, energy, sustainable use of resources, sustainable ecosystems, climate change and health and disease.

Global Literacy

Add inspiration, relevance and a world view into your English teaching! In this course, we look at practical ways to enrich the English Primary curriculum so that learners develop empathy, respect for diversity and imagination and to recognise their place in local, national and global communities.

Thinking of Linking

School partnerships have an important part to play in helping young people to understand different cultures and to prepare to study and work in an increasingly globalised society. They can contribute to pupils’ achievement and to their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This course leads you step by step to setting up an international school link and supports the British Council programme. Course attendees receive a course book to take away with them.

Global Learning for Early Years

Engaging young children in global learning is about setting the foundations – of curiosity, wonder, cooperation, understanding similarities with others around the world, celebrating differences rather than being afraid of them. This session investigates practical ways of developing learning and shows how through stories, play and experiential learning children can explore links between ourselves, our environment and the wider world. Attendees receive a course book.


Small print bits and bobs

50% payment on booking, with the remainder paid once the final session has been delivered.

As this training is already offered at a discounted rate, we are very sorry but we can't apply a member's discount to it.