Wild Words in the World: Using the Lost Words resource boxes

Wild Words in the World: Using the Lost Words resource boxes

Find new ways to stimulate thinking and give practical experience of activities that help develop literacy skills in the outdoors using The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris.

Join us on this exciting new course as we explore The Lost Words by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris along with CDEC's brand new Wild Words resource boxes. We will investigate writing and teaching techniques, and make our own ‘spells’ inspired by nature in an outdoor setting.

We want to help you stimulate thinking about the vital value of nature in our lives and give practical experience that helps develop your children's literacy skills in the outdoors.

What is The Lost Words?

The book’s origins is a direct reaction to nature words being dropped out of the Oxford Junior Dictionary due to their lack of use by children and their replacement by more technological terms. Macfarlane argues that our loss of very basic ‘nature literacy’ is both a function of, and a contributor to, our growing isolation from it – and the ‘species loneliness’ that results. We hope to help you be able to reconnect your children with the nature and world around them.

Why should I come along?

Join us for the course and:

  • experience practical activities outdoors that will encourage your children (and yourself!) to look, learn, write and dream about the natural world and our part in it
  • investigate literacy, art and science resources in the new CDEC Wild Words resource boxes, all with links to the curriculum
  • have the space and time to discuss connections between ‘nature literacy’ and emotional literacy and well-being
  • start conversations, stories, drawings and perhaps life-long passions for nature!

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