Philosophy for Children - a range of course options

Philosophy for Children - a range of course options

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is a teaching methodology that helps develop pupils' critical thinking and enables them to engage with complex and controversial global issues. Have a look at the range of P4C courses we have on offer.

P4C develops skills and attitudes associated with global citizenship such as:

  • open-mindedness
  • critical thinking
  • listening
  • respect
  • co-operation
  • empathy
  • the ability to give reasons for an opinion. 

And research shows that regular philosophy sessions can help improve attainment in English and maths. 

We have a range of philosophy for children (P4C) courses that you can book with us, including:

  • An Introduction to P4C (twilight or Inset session)
  • P4C across the curriculum
  • SAPERE  P4C Level 1 Foundation Course
  • SAPERE  P4C Level 2a Advanced Course - We are running a course on 13 and 14 November 2019 - find out more!
  • SAPERE  P4C Level 2b Advanced Course

The focus of all the P4C sessions, whichever level, is to help you with a range of experiential and inspiring activities, and the key concepts that underpin global learning. You will also explore new perspectives that will challenge you and help you in challenging your children.  

Our associate trainer Jane Yates worked with Appleby Grammar School recently. She sent us the following feedback:

"The head was brilliant. At the end, he stood up and said on his drive in that morning he’d been wishing not to have the training, as he had so much to do in the office. But, he said, he realises the staff need to do more of this kind of enquiry together – never mind the pupils!  Doing an enquiry is such a powerful experience."

The sessions give you lots of practical ideas, introduced through experiential learning, so that you and the rest of your team can start to implement them into your practice and planning straight away.

By the end of our Introduction to P4C course you will:

  • Have learnt how a P4C session is structured and start to think about what makes it different from circle time
  • Have explored the nature and value of enquiry and experienced a philosophical enquiry
  • Be able to start using P4C in your classroom
  • Have looked at a range of different resources and stimuli for your own teaching
  • Know about the pathways for formal training and certification in P4C

It gave me some great ideas that could be used in school, as well as giving me a chance to think about my own philosophical thinking/beliefs.”  Teacher from Ashfield Infants, Workington

 “Very stimulating – will definitely be timetabling it in.” Teacher from Ashfield Infants, Workington

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