Using Storytelling to Build Global Citizens: tried and tested resources to improve literacy and oracy skills

Using Storytelling to Build Global Citizens: tried and tested resources to improve literacy and oracy skills

Experience tried and tested learning and resources from our Sankofa transnational storytelling project; an experience that has combined traditional storytelling techniques with the exploration of migration, gender equality, well-being and sustainability.

You will explore the themes of migration, gender equality, sustainability, well-bding and will link them to the Sustainable Development Goals. This will all be done within the context of the storytelling process.

Why should I come along?

  • Develop your understanding of storytelling as an art and skill that can be explicitly taught to empower pupils, capturing their creativity and developing a range of global citizenship skills.
  • Become more confident in supporting children to think critically about local to global themes.
  • Enrich your Language primary curriculum, particularly through speaking and listening, drama opportunities and vocabulary enrichment.
  • Understand how the storytelling methodology can be used effectively in geography, history, arts and for PSHE.
  • Expand your confidence in PSHE by learning how to build self-confidence, creativity and presentation skills amongst your pupils.

The course also links with the 2019 Ofsted Framework, specifically to help you provide a ‘Quality education’: exploring traditional stories will develop understanding of heritage and Cultural capital; and the abilities you gain will help developing critical thinking skills vital for your pupils to flourish in a globalised world.

It also enriches language, vocabulary and reading skills and develops additional communication opportunities and confidence particularly for disadvantaged children.

The Sankofa methodology can be integrated in to many subject areas to be part of a robust and imaginative curriculum; it motivates children while developing digital and media skills.

When’s the next training date?

We haven't any current dates to run this as an open course, but please let us know if you would like to hear when we do by filling in the form at the top of the page. Please also get in touch with us to book your whole school or cluster group training. 

How do I book?

Let us know you are interested in the open course or in cluster group training by completing the booking form through the link above. If you have any questions, do give us a call.

See you soon!