Starting out with Stories! Sankofa moves on

Starting out with Stories! Sankofa moves on

Jan 13, 2020

CDEC’s Sankofa: Storytelling for the Digital Age project started off the Autumn term with a creative first training with the lead schools in the project. What is a story? How has storytelling changed through the ages and how stories are told today? How influential are stories? How can we examine big ideas behind a story and how relevant those ideas are for our future?

We experimented with creative warm-up games and bravely challenged ourselves to ‘tell a story’ to a (small, friendly) audience.  We discussed the ‘shine and the shadow’ of digital media as a way of communicating today and how the ‘stories for the future’, which our pupils will be creating, will be shared and discussed internationally with partner countries.

Since the training, the Sankofa schools have been busy inspiring their children in exploring Global Goals and choosing theme(s) they want to explore through story and having a first go using tablets to make a mini film.

All of this work and experience will be available for other teachers at the end of the project through the Sankofa Learning Guide and Toolkit – along with inspiring story films made by children in Cumbria, London, Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

This project is kindly sponsored by Erasmus+.