Gain access to unique and personalised help and support

Membership of CDEC offers community groups, and the individuals leading them, support, resources and training in a whole plethora of topics and areas related to our place on the planet and our role within our local community.

This has never been more important now as we continue to face the effects of Coronavirus within our localities. 

Current subscriptions rates for 2020-2021

Individual or Community Group £40.00

You can pay for your subscription through the link to PayPal (above) or by requesting an invoice.

Please also complete this form (where you can request your invoice).

What do you offer communities and their groups?

We are adapting ourselves, and have taken a careful look at what member benefits we can offer communities. Take a look below to see what we offer you - we have worked on how we can support you remotely and have some new ways to help you teach global learning within the school for the good of your community's people.

Our resource boxes are a great tool and we are developing:

  • a quarantine and cleaning regime for them so that there is no chance of the virus being passed between groups through the artefacts (if you have any particular ways we have to do this for your community group, please let us know)
  • virtual boxes so that you can get the benefit of all the activities and information easily without having a physical box. 

Take a look at our full list of resources plus how the Sustainable Development Goals fit into them.

CDEC's gives you opportunities to get together with other global-focused groups – be it teachers or individuals from other communities or organisations; our experts can give you advice on creating welcoming communities.

As a member, you get:

  • exclusive invitations to our new In Conversation With... webinars (which focus on a theme, give the theory and practical activities, and finish with a Q&A session)
  • invitations to online sessions on how to make the most of our resource boxes - both the physical ones and the virtual
  • free use of our resource box library
  • an invitation for you and others in your community to join our Global Learning Network where you get to meet other global learning teachers and advocates and receive support and advice from CDEC's experts - this is now meeting virtually
  • the opportunity to take part in our unique international and local projects, which bring global citizenship to your door, benefiting your community
  • to ask us for advice and support on how to work towards developing your community to become a welcoming one to all
  • the satisfaction that you are supporting community work in Cumbria for years to come!

In addition:

  • as an group, we can help you work towards achieving social responsibility within your community.