Virtual Tours

Virtual Tours

Virtual tours to Cumbria or neighbouring counties

Virtual tours further afield 

Virtual tours of international sites 

A virtual tour of Mecca

Gateway to the Ganges
The River Ganges at the holy cities of Haridwar, Rishikesh and Devprayag, Uttarakhand in India.

RE film links 

The most engaging films are those that use young people who are practising a religion to lead the tour.

  • BBC Let’s Celebrate series for KS1
  • BBC My Life My Religion for KS2 and above. These are  short film clips from the main film about religion through the eyes of a practising young person. Each religion includes a visit to a place of worship.
  • True Tube   These are series called 'Charlie and Blue' for younger children and 'Holy Cribs' for older children with visits to places of worship.

Virtual tours of festivals

Use these films to explore cultural and religious festivals.

My First Festivals comes from the BBC and follows a group of children as they discover and learn about cultural festivals for the first time.

Sacred Wonders This BBC site explores what people do in the name of faith to celebrate their religious festivals.

Mexico's Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and death, which takes place on 1 and 2 November each year.

Virtual Tours to RE Places

Cumbria SACRE have pulled together a rich collection of virtual tours of religious and spiritual sites to help RE teachers and students discover more about faith. The places included range from those in Cumbria, to fantastic examples further a field. There are also ideas for helping your pupils search for and explore other sites too.

CDEC are supporting Cumbria SACRE in this endeavour by hosting this rich resource. The virtual tools are also a useful tool to use with CDEC's resource boxes.

If you have any recommendations of great virtual tours, please let us know. Thank you!

Places of worship search platforms

Find a Church 
Find my Mosque 
Mosque Finder  
Muslims in Britain: Mosque finder    
Synagogues UK   
Find a Gurdwara   
What’s Near me Buddhist Temple   
Find What’s Near me Sikh Temple   

Researching places of worship near you

A simple project for your students to take on is to use the Internet to research places of worship. They can use Google Maps or platforms like What’s Near Me to find spiritual sites in their local area or other places. Some places have virtual tours within Google Maps, so look out for these.

Ask them to try Googling ‘virtual tours’ of a specific place of worship, for example a church, mosque, gurdwara, synagogue, temple or sacred space (eg a stone circle).  Some places of worship have their own website with photographs of the building and special features, which can give a good impression of what it is like inside and the atmosphere that exists within the building or site.  

There are also websites with search engines for a specific place of worship (see below).  In these times of the pandemic, many places of worship are offering virtual opportunities to attend worship.