Friends of CDEC

Friends of CDEC

Become a Friend of CDEC and help us to inspire the next generation of global citizens

Our Friends of CDEC scheme offers individuals a way to financially support us and our work to inspire the next generation of global citizens through either regular or one-off donations through the year. 

Why do we need your support?

In this challenging climate we, like many other charities, need to have regular income sources as other funding opportunities contract.

By becoming a Friend and choosing either a regular or a one-off donation to CDEC to support our work, you are helping us to continue our work with schools, in communities and with other organisations.

Why should I join your Friends scheme?

As a Friend of CDEC you will:

  • know that you are helping to inspire the next generation of global citizens
  • feel an integral part of our growing community of people committed to a sustainable future for all    
  • be kept informed about our activities and the impact we are making  
  • receive an annual Friends Letter from us to update you on our progress
  • receive invitations to significant events that may be of interest to you
  • have the chance for you or a member of your family to make a free will through the Fare Will service
  • have the opportunity, should you wish, to see our work at first hand.

This sounds great and I would like to support you; how do I become a Friend of CDEC?

To become a Friend of CDEC, just complete this form for our records. You will then need to complete the instructions in the form to set up your payment to CDEC.


Thank you for your interest and support; we look forward to you being part of our Friends community.