Climate Change

Climate Change

Helping to give young people the confidence to protect our planet

Protecting the planet is something close to our heart and our core vision. We aim to give young people from primary and secondary schools the confidence and skills to look after their planet to combat the climate emergency - whether it is by thinking how they can do this in their local corner, or if they can take action on a larger scale.

From providing resource boxes to schools, giving training opportunities to teachers and running projects for communities, CDEC has a long history of engaging Cumbrians, young and old, in environmental justice. It is also core to building a fair and more sustainable world.

How can we support your climate action?

We have a range of current resource boxes and publications for you to use in the classroom. And we are excited to announce we are working on specific resource boxes for KS1, KS2 and KS3 on climate change. 

Also, take a look at the in-school and home-learning resources for you to use with children and young people.

CDEC is also embarking on a new project - PLACE- that will bring young people and communities together to really get to know the place they live, to explore nature in a new way and to have the opportunity to take local action to change it for the better.