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Global Learning is THE golden thread through your curriculum, delivering Intent, Implementation and Impact

Developing a Global Learning focused curriculum is ambitious- as well as creative, caring, collaborative. Pupils’ Global Learning experiences support their development as global citizens, preparing them for their  future 

CDEC supports teachers with knowledge, skills and resources to weave Global Learning into your school’s curriculum. This is delivered through CPD, general support, resource boxes and other resources and projects. 

Global Learning excites pupils and develops a passion for learning. It develops their critical literacy skills, allowing them to apply and build on their knowledge for their future as active global citizens with compassion and agency for people, place and planet.

 By being CDEC members you will receive support to bring global learning into your classroom, including:

  • As members, you will have access to FREE places on our open courses throughout the year. We really value you telling us what areas of focus you would like to support global learning- so do get in touch. A free place on online and face-to-face courses could include 
  • Global Maths
  • Global Literacy
  • Global Science
  • SMSC
  • Introduction to P4C

Membership of CDEC offers primary and secondary schools a range of unique resources and training opportunities related to our place on the planet and our role within our local community.

They can be used across the whole curriculum; strengthening young people's voices, giving minoritised groups confidence, helping school children develop empathy and giving them agency to be future global citizens by showing them the benefits of taking responsibility for themselves, each other and the space we all share.

Empathy, understanding and critical thinking are invaluable tools for young people as they face a challenging and ever-changing world.

Current Subscription Rates for 2023-24

(only one membership per school is needed for each member of staff to have access to the service. Membership runs from 1 September to 31 August)

Preschool and nursery schools;

Primary schools with fewer than 50 pupils;


Primary schools 
(with over 50 pupils on the roll)

Whole secondary schools


If you would prefer for us to invoice you:

Our resource boxes are ready to loan!

Take a look at our full list of resources here.

More information and box booking form here.

Benefits of CDEC membership

As a member, you get:

our In Conversation With... webinars (live and pre-recorded)

  • we will continue to deliver interesting seminars and will make these available through our NEW podcast channel for member schools

an invitation for your teachers/ TAs/other members of staff to join our Global Learning Network where you get to meet other global learning teachers and receive support and advice from CDEC's team - this is now meeting virtually each half term

an introductory session to embedding Global Learning in your school, where we will explore the benefits of, and how to audit your school to get the most from your Global Learning journey

support for your topics - which we link closely into curriculum. The CDEC team are only too happy to support you and to save you time: let us know what topics you are teaching and we can recommend activities and reading lists to help integrate global learning into them

CDEC’s wealth of artefacts and activities (often based on the Philosophy for Children -P4C- methodology) come to you through our resource box collection- and are only available to member schools. The boxes range from specific Early Years boxes, to collections of religions and worldviews and country and sustainability boxes to support your curriculum. Just visit to download our list of boxes

  • the satisfaction that you are supporting global learning in Cumbria for years to come!

Get in touch with us to find out more about any of these benefits or to take us up on them!