Home learning activities - Explore Cooperation!

Home learning activities - Explore Cooperation!

Jun 24, 2020

On 4 July it is International Day of the Cooperatives, when people and groups working together for a common aim and good are celebrated.

The International Day of the Cooperatives helps to build positive relationships between international groups, show how we are all equal, and that we can work in a way that gives all people who contribute their skills and energy to cooperatives enough money to live on.

We have created this Cooperating for Cooperatives activity to help you to explore what cooperatives are, where we might find them in our society, and how to create your own! It also links with Sustainable Development Goals 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities, and Goal 12 Responsible Consumption and Production.

To help us learn more about cooperation, take a look at our Cooperation Trust Walk activity, where you put your faith in another person to safely guide you around obstacles. What does putting your complete trust in someone else feel like? See whether the activity helps you to learn to communicate better and understand the importance of communication. These skills are all vital for helping us work towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions, and Goal 17: Partnerships.

If you want to further explore cooperatives, think about fair trade and how it treats everyone in the supply train equally - try the Fairtrade Foundation schools webpage here.

CDEC also has a couple of big book story books that you can buy that help explore cooperation and fairness (suitable for ages 4-8 years).

  • Thea Discovers Chocolate is a story of chocolate from the cocoa grown in Belize to its sale in Thea's local shop. Take a look...
  • Lily's local Picnic is the story of a young girl who wonders where her food comes from. In order to find out, she decides to organise a picnic made up from local produce and there starts her journey! Take a look...

Both books include ideas for discussion and activities at the end of the story.

And, finally, this week's Dialogue Works' wonderful Hometalk Week 14 is all about music. Download it here.