Home learning with CDEC: Let's explore our oceans!

Home learning with CDEC: Let's explore our oceans!

Jun 2, 2020

Do you know what marine life lives off Cumbria's coast? What fish and sea-going birds can you identify? Take a look at our activities and celebrate World Ocean Day on Monday 8 June.

The ocean contains 97% of Earth's water, yet less than 20% of the world’s ocean has been mapped so far; with the deepest point of approximately 36,200 feet deep oceans are still a mystery to us. Who knows what hides in its depths?! Maybe mermaids really do exist? Use this fun game and activity to explore together.

Do you know much about Cumbria's own coastline and what marine animals we can find there? Investigate the different creatures that rely on our seas and also which migrate to other oceans too with our Ocean Journeys activity. There are plenty of exciting things going on with our marine wildlife for you to discover!

Plastic is having a major impact on our oceans and one of the ways we can help our ocean-going wildlife is to stop using it. Why not take our Family Plastic Challenge to see what plastic you have in your kitchen, bathroom or bedroom and see if you can change your choices in the future to use less plastic?

Empathy day is also on the horizon, on 9 June, and the Empathy Lab has available to download some really useful activities for you to do at home. Their three themes this year are: Read, Connect and Act. Take a look here.

And, finally, here is Home Talk Week 10 from Dialogue Works. It is all about agreeing and disagreeing - valiant skills for us all! - and connections and divisions. Have fun!