It's time to share stories of our communities and create a 'singing tree of resilience'!

It's time to share stories of our communities and create a 'singing tree of resilience'!

Sep 17, 2020

CDEC's newest project, Discovered Stories Shared Community, is swinging into action now lockdown is over with a creative project that your school could get involved with.

The National Lottery-funded project aims to work towards creating happy and resilient communities that welcome and bring together its new and old members.

Project officer Gabi Lipska explains, "In the Singing Tree we are combining a creative collaborative methodology and visual arts to address the challenges of trust, diversity and coherence. Through a blended approach of online hosted conversations and Peace Building skill development, the students will co-create a work of art that envisions healing, resilience and innovation. The final mural will be assembled into a large painting/collage that will travel around Cumbria. The international Singing Tree Project will connect students to a network of over 20,000 youth and adults from 52 countries who have created 87 Singing Tree murals to date.  Each mural helps us feel the power of unity through creativity.”

The creative process is a vehicle for conversation about the greatest challenges a community might be facing, drawing upon the genius and wisdom of the community members to look into the positive visions of the future.

The program of six 45-minute weekly meetings is focused on community healing, and processing what is important to us at this moment, and looking for answers to questions around belonging, connectedness and resilience.

The project is particularly focused on secondary schools based in Workington, looking into ways of recognising the diversity of its members as an opportunity for growth and creating a positive culture around it.  If your school is interested in joining the programme or you would like more information, please contact Gabi by email at by 30 September.