CDEC's CARE course inspires amazing artwork at St Herbert's, Keswick!

CDEC's CARE course inspires amazing artwork at St Herbert's, Keswick!

Nov 9, 2020

Children and staff at St Herbert's Primary School, Keswick, have created an inspiring exhibition - Afloat - about their experiences of lockdown, after staff took part in CDEC's CARE course.

Staff at St Herbert's all took part in CDEC's Compassionate and Restorative Education (CARE) course, which aims to provide support, inspiration and tools to help them lead their pupils through their different experiences of lockdown earlier this year.

The final part of the CARE approach is a a whole-school project that brings the school together and creates a unifying expression of how Coronavirus and spring to summer lockdown experiences have affected their school community. St Herbert's took this project on, and developed their Afloat theme further by involving local writers - who helped the children write their own Haikus - and artists who inspired different sea themed ideas and styles and mediums of art.

CDEC's Debbie Watson explains the background to the project in this film, where you can also see close-ups of the children's creations.

As a testament to the school community's efforts, it is now on exhibition at Keswick Museum (the museum is currently closed until 2 December in line with current lockdown regulations). You can get a taste of the exhibition with a tour by the museum's David Cryer in the film below - but do please go and see the real thing once the museum is open again.

If you are interested in learning more about CDEC's CARE course, please head here.