Cumbrian organisations come together to bring support to under-represented groups

Cumbrian organisations come together to bring support to under-represented groups

Nov 11, 2020

CDEC is leading a cluster of organisations within the Same Storm, Different Boats project to support specific groups within Cumbria’s community. These organisations are working together to develop short-term projects to support black, brown, minority ethnic, migrant and refugee people in Cumbria through the COVID crisis.

During the six-month project, which began in October, the intention is that the partnerships between CDEC, Anti Racist Cumbria, AWAZ Cumbria, Carlisle One World Centre, Furness Multicultural Community Forum, Multicultural Cumbria and M-Unit will strengthen Cumbria’s networks, solidarity and collaboration. This will allow the organisations and their mini-projects to become greater than the sum of our individual parts so that they can best support black, brown, minoritised Cumbrians, migrants and refugees.

After six months, the aim is that here in Cumbria we will have organisations who are stronger and better connected and that can use their expertise and experience in arts, culture and advocacy to support expressions of identity and belonging, and to create welcoming and resilient communities.

Mini-project ideas include looking to support educators and schools to better understand and implement anti-racism within their classrooms, helping young people of different cultural backgrounds through a mentoring scheme and supporting Roma, Gypsy and Traveller groups within the community and education system who have been marginalised through this crisis.

The Same Storm, Different Boats project is funded by the Coronavirus Community Support Fund, distributed by The National Lottery Community Fund, with thanks to the Government for making this possible.