Anti-racism work in Cumbria

Anti-racism work in Cumbria

Jan 5, 2021

Since September, CDEC has been working with Anti Racist Cumbria to support schools to become actively anti-racist.

A core part of global learning for us is building a fair and more sustainable world. Tackling social justice issues - like racism - is an important element of helping us to achieve this.

Whole-school audits

Following the Anti Racist Cumbria school’s event in October, CDEC co-delivered a series of twilight sessions with schools to support them with a whole-school audit to begin identifying ways in which schools can build their active anti-racist ethos and practices.

Training and workshops

CDEC is also working on resources and training workshops to support schools across Cumbria with practical ideas and approaches to embed active anti-racism.

We would welcome your feedback and calls for support: what would you like to help you with curriculum content, staff training and community buy-in? Please email Laura with your suggestions and feedback and requests for help.