CDEC launches Friends scheme

CDEC launches Friends scheme

Apr 21, 2021

Today, Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) is launching its Friends of CDEC scheme. The organisation is asking people who want to help secure the future of global learning in Cumbria, and the development of future global citizens, to join the scheme by either making a one-off donation or to set up regular monthly donations.

The contributions that these people will make will go towards ensuring work not currently funded continues and to help contribute to the necessary administrative costs an organisation has to cover.

Friends of CDEC will also know that they are helping to inspire the next generation of global citizens, feel an integral part of our growing community of people committed to a sustainable future for all, will be kept informed about CDEC’s activities and the impact they are making, receive an annual Friends Letter to provide an update on work and progress, receive invitations to significant events that may be of interest to, have the chance to make a free will through the Fare Will service, and, finally, have the opportunity to see CDEC’s work first hand.

Laura Goad, Director of CDEC, noted; ‘We are so excited to launch this new venture and way for our individual supporters to contribute to our ongoing existence in this ever-competitive and difficult fundraising climate. Schools and communities are facing so many pressures and the role we have to support their young people is crucial to ensure that they receive a rich and contemporary education where our young people’s voices are championed. By becoming a Friend, people will be helping secure this ongoing role we have in Cumbria.’

Global learning in Cumbria is led by CDEC through teacher training opportunities, projects for young people that schools and communities, as well as other organisations, can get involved with, and through their school membership scheme, which includes access to a rich library of resource boxes and a network of global learning educators.

The aim of global learning is to make young people aware of the world around them – both near and far – and to understand the impact we as individuals have on our society and physical environment, and give future generations a voice and confidence. From global learning, young people and adults can then move to become global citizens, who make active decisions and take practical action to make the world, including their local community and spaces, better.

You can sign up to become a Friend of CDEC right here.