CDEC's Emergency Teacher Network Meeting in Response to Ukraine

CDEC's Emergency Teacher Network Meeting in Response to Ukraine

Mar 3, 2022

On 2nd March CDEC hosted an emergency meeting with teachers in Cumbria to reflect on children's responses to the conflict in Ukraine.

During our one hour together we had the opportunity to not only to share our experiences of responding to current conflict, but also to reflect on the role of teachers and educators in a world where we are facing deeply challenging problems that will increasingly require hard and honest conversations. We also explored the idea of inviting ‘human’ into professional spaces, and modelling new leadership style that invites vulnerability, authenticity, curiosity as well as shared care and responsibility for the well-being of us all. 

We also investigated what it means to hold the space for students’ experiences and feelings as well as our own; introducing the idea of intentionally creating spaces that not only offer support but also stimulate learning and inspire social change. Teachers could learn about resources compiled by our team with emphasis on creating and promoting peace. 

We ended the session by thinking together of the content for the new CPD that CDEC will be offering this term that will allow for more in depth work with the concepts and models presented today. 

Thank you to all teachers who joined us today and co - created this session.


Please keep your eyes peeled for a more in-depth CPD opportunity in the coming month. In the meantime, you can access our resources here.