How to Support Ukrainian Refugees

How to Support Ukrainian Refugees

Mar 8, 2022

CDEC have put together a list of local Polish organisations and charities that are supporting Ukrainian refugees.

You may have seen the calls for supplies to be transported to countries that border Ukraine, but this isn't the best way to support refugees from Ukraine. Often, the items may not be what is really needed, they are costly to transport and can take up hours and hours of human effort to sort and package.

With this in mind, it’s far better to donate to a trusted organisation on the ground that already has the established infrastructure to provide aid. This enables charities to buy what’s needed locally, and in doing so to support local economies, which are often heavily affected by having to accommodate large influxes of refugees.

There are large organisations such as The Red Cross and Save the Children who are doing incredible work on the ground, however, we wanted to share some smaller, local, Polish organisations and charities that are also supporting refugees from Ukraine. Donating to these organisations will not just support those fleeing Ukraine, but will also support the communities and economies that will host large numbers of refugees.


  • Polskie Centrum Pomocy MIedzynarodowej PCPM -  Polish Centre for International Aid. An NGO founded in 2006. Their mission is to provide humanitarian, development and medical relief assistance throughout the world, while maintaining the basic principles of humanitarianism, impartiality, neutrality and independence. PCPM are one of the largest organisations in Poland delivering humanitarian assistance. You can support the Polish Centre for International Aid's fundraising campaign by clicking here.  Click the red button titled ‘WPLACAM’ - it asks whether you want to pay one off (jednorazowo) or regular donations. They also have a fundraiser on Facebook, click here to access it.


  • Polska Misja Medyczna – Polish Medical Mission  - one of the few organizations in Poland that provide medical help by working with local partners. The Polish Medical Mission is currently working to get much needed supplies to Ukrainian hospitals. You can find out more and donate by clicking here. They also have a Facebook fundraiser.


  • Fundacja Ocalenie - Ocalenie Foundation. Also known as Rescue Foundation, the Ocalenie Foundation helps refugees, immigrants and repatriates build a new life in Poland. Founded in 2000, the foundation supports migrants in integrating into society and their personal development. They are working towards a cross-cultural dialogue and strengthening the community. They strive to ensure equal rights for all and to make sure that all people may live in dignity. You can read more about and support the Ocalenie Foundation by clicking here. You can also donate via Facebook.


  • Stowarzyszenie Mudita - A women led organization that works to support families, especially mothers of children with disabilities, and people with long term health problems. They are committed to gender equality and social justice. Find out more here.


  • Pelnoprawna - Pelnoprawna is helping to support people with various disabilities and chronic illnesses, as well as deaf and elderly people who need evacuating from war-torn Ukraine. They have been organising transport, accommodation, medical assistance, sanitary products, necessary equipment, Polish sign language interpreters, food and general support among other things. You can read more by clicking here (if you scroll down the page you will find a section in English), and you can also find them on Facebook by clicking here. 

How to Support Ukrainian Refugees