Green PLACE: Thinking with Nature training

Green PLACE: Thinking with Nature training

Sep 1, 2022

When is a place a community? What is nature? Experience the power of exploring nature and place through the practice of Philosophy for Children (P4C). These practical and creative one-day courses are provided by SAPERE P4C Trainers and outdoor education specialists as part of The Green PLACE project.

Thinking with Nature - Philosophy for Children (P4C) Training for your PLACE

We are delighted to invite you to take part in one of our free Thinking with Nature (P4C) training days happening this Autumn, a collaboration between the Green PLACE project and SAPERE P4C (please see the attached flyer for more info.) The Green PLACE project is about supporting young people to address global issues by taking action in their local green spaces, and with their local communities. If you are receiving this invitation you are either involved in the Green PLACE project or perhaps in a position to support young people to connect with these themes.

When and where?

All dates: 9.30am to 3.30pm

• 11th October @ The Footprint, Windermere, LA23 1NH

• 13th October @ The Malt Kiln Village Hall, Ulverston, LA12 9QT

• 20th October@ Talkin Tarn, Brampton, CA8 1BF

Why use a Philosophical approach?

Some of the challenges facing humanity on a global level can feel complex and overwhelming. This can have a potentially negative impact on mental health, especially for young people who are becoming increasingly aware of the complexity of issues affecting the world they are growing up within. By using a philosophical approach we hope to give young people space to explore and voice their thoughts and feelings in an empowering way, that meets them where they're at, rather than prescribing an agenda. To give them a sense of community and an opportunity to develop shared values that will support them to be empowered and responsible global citizens.

Philosophy for Children is a tried and tested approach that supports caring, collaborative, critical, and creative thinking. Our one-day training course will be an opportunity for you to:

• Explore how a philosophical approach can support your work with young people and their communities

• Consider the range of stimuli that can be used to inspire philosophical dialogue on global/environmental issues and our connection with nature

• Experience how outdoor activities can enhance and support this inquiry

• Learn a simple and flexible structure for integrating philosophical enquiry into your educational practice 

• Step back from your day-to-day work and reflect on the wider context within which it takes place, in a supportive and collaborative environment

We'd love you to join us for an inspiring day together! 

Green PLACE: Thinking with Nature training