CDEC's Aviva Community Fund

CDEC's Aviva Community Fund

Nov 16, 2022

Support our Climate Leaders- The Future is Now project by donating to our Aviva Community Fund.

Climate Leaders- the Future is Now will empower young people to co-create a sustainable and embedded leadership and social action programme. This will create an eco-system that grows in strength and power, connecting young people across Cumbria with passionate adults, growing resources and ideas that can take seed in communities across the county.

A key element of building young people's skills will be to connect them with each other but also other community, business and council activities on climate action- creating intergenerational and cross-sectoral working. 

Our project will result in more young people feeling ownership and agency, connection and a sense of hope, that WE can all make a difference and DO something positive.

You can read more about the project by clicking here.

Donate to our Aviva Community Fund by clicking here, and help us to empower young people across Cumbria to take climate action and make real change in their local communities.

CDEC's Aviva Community Fund