CARE programme

CARE programme

Jan 31, 2024

CDEC developed the CARE resources to support Compassionate and Restorative Education in 2021, initially as a response to the challenges arising for children from the Covid pandemic.

The effects of the pandemic are still being felt, alongside other barriers to effective learning that have been around for much longer.  We recommend our CARE CPD and resources to schools to support your PSHE curriculum and promote important life skills that are the foundation for learning,  such as empathy and building relationships. 

The training and resources focus on creating caring spaces in your school, promoting emotional wellbeing, exploring perspectives, developing relationships, promoting teacher wellbeing, and exploring creative projects.

Two schools that have engaged with the CARE approach are St Herbert’s CE Primary in Keswick and High Hesket CE Primary.

St Herbert’s collaborated with CDEC and Keswick Museum on their project: “The public exhibition we created, entitled “Afloat” threaded through all rooms in the museum and unfolded the metaphor of us all being in a storm, the coronavirus storm, but each of us being in our own boat, having varied experiences of the ride. The journey enabled us to explore visual art and poetry through the children’s experiences of coronavirus … and the children created their own pieces to reflect their thoughts and emotions about the pandemic”.

Watch a video about the 'Afloat' exhibition and St. Herbert's' experience of the CARE programme

Leanne Day from High Hesket School said, “We took part in the CARE project on return to school following a period of lockdown due to Covid-19.  The training and resources were very comprehensive and enabled all staff to feel confident and engaged in supporting our children and each other through some challenging times.”  

There are a range of models for CPD delivery and access to resources, so if you are interested and feel that the CARE approach could support your children, please get in touch with