Climate Leaders and Blue Influencers

Climate Leaders and Blue Influencers

Jan 25, 2024

If you’re a young person or a teacher or a mentor and you’d like to get involved in youth climate action project work in your community, we can support that!

Young Climate Leaders

CDEC has funding from the Cumbria Community Foundation, COP26 Community Fund and Westmorland and Furness Council to bolster and nurture school/organisation initiatives and empower youth in their quest for climate action. 

We're excited to collaborate with your schools or organisations to empower young people with a profound sense of ownership, agency, connectivity, and unwavering hope as they embark on their climate action journey.

We can we offer:

  • workshops for your students to help build their confidence in their knowledge of climate change
  • resources to help embed climate change into the curriculum
  • templates to carry out environmental audits and creation of action plans
  • advice and guidance for teachers to support their engagement with passionate young people (eg: setting up or supporting an eco council; becoming the environmental sustainability lead)
  • connections with other schools/organisations/local community groups for collaboration
  • organised events that help bring young people together so they can share ideas, network and get involved in climate action
  • funding opportunities to take ideas into action

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Blue Influencers Scheme

CDEC has recently been selected as a host organisation for the Blue Influencers Scheme.  Funded by the Ernest Cook Trust and the #iwill Fund, we will be working with young people in coastal, river, lake and estuarine communities to enhance their sense connection to their local area and their understanding of nature -  building confidence and resilience through environmental youth social action.

CDEC has employed Geoff Norman as a Blue Mentor who, with the support of the rest of the CDEC team, will work with young people who wish to become Blue Influencers alongside their school staff and youth workers.  Through designing and carrying out positive environment and social action, the project aims to develop a sense of care for and connection to local nature, and life enhancing skills, attitudes and social connections for young people aged 10 – 14 years old.

Each group that we work with will have support from the Blue Mentor and independent funding to take their project forward.

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