In schools, so many teachers tell us that their school’s membership of CDEC is a wonderful thing! The countless anecdotes on the value of our library of resource boxes (free to loan as a member) for their teaching and pupil outcomes is inspiring.

For businesses and other organisations, membership is a great way to start and continue your corporate social responsibility journey, benefitting your staff and your local community, whilst also showing your commitment to and supporting a local organisation - CDEC.

Membership of CDEC gives you the chance to access Cumbria’s global learning support and resources. CDEC gives you opportunities to get together with other global-focused groups – be it teachers or other groups; our experts can give you advice on global learning in your organisation, and our local network of associate trainers offers specialist training on current topics with a global twist.

As a member, you are always first to hear about these opportunities and you get:

  • 10% off our CPD courses
  • free use of our resource library
  • the opportunity to take part in our unique international and local projects, which bring global citizenship to your door, benefiting your school or business, your teachers or staff and your pupils or customers
  • the satisfaction that you are supporting global learning in Cumbria for years to come!

In addition:

  • if you are a school, you will be able to access our resource box library
  • as an organisation, we can help you work towards achieving corporate social responsibility within your community
  • as individual teachers you can be part of Cumbria’s global learning network with regular facilitated meetings and support.

Current Subscriptions Rates

(only one membership per school is needed for each member of staff to have access to the service)

  • Primary school (schools with fewer than 50 pupils)
  • Individual 
  • Primary school (with fewer than 300 on the roll)
  • Secondary school (with fewer than 300 on the roll)
  • Local organisation
  • Secondary school (with more than 300 on the roll)
  • Local branch of a national organisation