Connecting Communities – People enabling change

Connecting Communities – People enabling change

Apr 14, 2023

Connecting Communities – People Enabling Change is a 6-month pilot study funded by the United Kingdom Research Institute (UKRI) to set up a Community Research Network. The purpose of this is to gather community wisdom and understand the wider determinants of health in the region. Join us on the 4th of May for our big learning conversation

CDEC are working in partnership with Cumbria CVS, Groundwork Cumbria and NE, University of Cumbria, All Together Communities, Anti Racist Cumbria, Cumbria Family Support, Open Source Arts, People First.

What makes us healthy?’ 

We want to purposefully involve people who don’t usually have their experiences reflected in research, identify and invite them into the core of this work- to be part of community conversations and become a Community Research Network.  

The project is also part of CDEC’s work on creating a culture of collaboration and deep partnership between organisations in Cumbria with Art of Hosting approach at the centre in terms of creating spaces for dialogue and co-operation.

“What if by having meaningful conversations, listening deeply and learning from each other, we could build relationships which help us see beyond barriers and reduce inequalities?”

It is with this question in mind, and with an open heart we invite you to join us for a one-day workshop where together we will explore, learn and develop practices, tools and methods to be used when having conversations with communities of interest in Cumbria.

4th May 2023, Ambleside Parish Centre 10-4pm

This one-day workshop will be hosted by a team of community members, delivery workers and individuals, made up of the partner organisations listed above.  All the people involved are passionate about using participatory methods to create spaces where meaningful conversations can take place.  It is the 1st step in developing a Community Research Network.

If you are interested in being part of the 4th of May or how you can find out more about it, you can find out more here. To access the sign up form, follow this link

Connecting Communities – People enabling change