Building Communities of Welcome

Building Communities of Welcome

CDEC are delighted to be working with AWAZ Cumbria on their Community Integration Project with Building Communities of Welcome.

Through this partnership, CDEC are running workshops with schools and pre-schools or nurseries in areas of Carlisle and South Lakeland to help these communities be welcoming ones. 

What's the Community Integration Project about?

The project is developing infrastructure to support the integration of Cumbria’s migrant and resident communities through a community development approach – delivered by AWAZ Cumbria in partnership with voluntary and community sector and statutory partners. Cumbria Community Integration Project is undertaking a community asset-based approach and will focus resource on a series of interventions that:

  1. Strengthen communities
  2. Reduce the impact upon services

CDEC is involved with helping to deliver the second part: reducing impact upon services. We are doing this by  helping teachers in schools and nurseries understand issues and find ways to support children both coming into new communities and those in existing communities to welcome their new neighbours, building communities of welcome.

If your school or nursery is within the Carlisle City limits or in the Windermere/Ambleside/Hawkeshead/Grasmere region and you'd like a workshop, please email to find out more.

The project is funded by the Home Office's Controlling Migration fund.