Climate Leaders - The Future is Now

Climate Leaders - The Future is Now

CDEC have funding to support schools for the next 3 years to develop your school’s action for climate. We want to work with you as you support your pupils to feel ownership and agency, connection and a sense of hope as they take action for climate.


The Climate Leaders project will be tailored to match your school and pupils, depending on where you are in your pupil-led eco action. So, whether you are only just setting out to support pupils or have been working with them on climate action projects for a number of years, we are offering:

  • Initial identification of priorities for action by working alongside you and your pupils to develop their action plans and deliver their projects. This could be through:

                     --  the Sustainable Development Goals Climate Friendly Schools model

                     --  CDEC’s ‘I, We Planet’ leadership model

                     --  Green PLACE resources to connect with nature

  • Supporting young people to plan their actions and connect your school with other schools and organisations who can further support and build in capacity and help build sustainability into your school plans and ideas
  • Training for young people to become Climate Leaders so they are equipped with skills to develop resources and workshops that can be delivered by them to their peers and to adults
  • CPD for teachers- including the Global Teachers Award/ Outdoor Learning/ The Sustainable Development Goals


We are thrilled to announce our exciting new partnerships with schools in the Eden and South Lakeland districts, as they embark on their journey as climate leaders. As we continue to expand our network, we are eagerly seeking to collaborate with additional schools in the Copeland and Allerdale districts.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with