Cumbria Virtual Voices in Religious Education

Cumbria Virtual Voices in Religious Education

Developing individual and authentic ‘voices’ through the medium of film, both live and recorded, to provide meaningful dialogues on the unique and lived experiences of religion and worldviews.

Virtual Voices in Religious Education (VVRE) is a collaborative project between Cumbria SACRE and CDEC.

Funded by Culham St Gabriel’s Trust, this 18-month project will create a facilitated and secure virtual platform for primary and secondary schools to encounter ‘voices’ from religion and worldviews.  

Meaningful dialogues on the lived experience of religion and worldviews

Through the project, a team of diverse and inclusive volunteers will be formed from members of Cumbria SACRE, and through other relevant organisations.  These individual and authentic ‘voices’ will use the medium of film, both live and recorded, to provide meaningful dialogues on unique and lived experiences of religion and worldviews. 

Digital RE resources for schools 

The outcome of the project will develop digital resources for schools in Cumbria to enhance high-quality teaching and learning of RE and SMSC. This will include a conceptual focus on the language of religion and worldviews in support of the vision of Culham St Gabriel’s Trust and the Commission on RE (2018).  

Developing innovative virtual activities

As part of the project, there will be an oracy strand, especially around questions, questioning and dialogue. Initially, focus groups of teachers and students will work with the project team to trial and develop a number of innovative virtual activities to create lasting resources for all schools in Cumbria.  These resources will be linked to relevant themes in line with the Cumbria Agreed Syllabus for RE and will be available here, on the CDEC website.

The project is for pupils and teachers in all schools in Cumbria, and ITE students from the University of Cumbria. We hope the project will also impact on the wider school community, including parents and governors.

Connecting with authentic voices with local relevance

VVRE Project Lead and Chair of Cumbria SACRE, Jane Yates, says: “This is an exciting collaboration that will enable Cumbria SACRE to strengthen their relationship with CDEC to improve support for RE and SMSC in schools.  The pandemic has certainly opened our eyes to the potential for virtual technology for RE.  The VVRE project will provide the opportunity to connect with authentic ‘voices’ with local relevance to Cumbria which makes such encounters so much more meaningful for pupils and teachers.”

With thanks to Dr Pat Hannam, and Dr Joyce Miller for professional engagement during the project.  Also, to Martyn Soulsby from North Lakes School for IT advice.

*The new vision for Culham St Gabriel’s Trust is for a broad based, critical and reflective education in religion and worldviews contributing to a well-informed, respectful and open society. For more information about Culham St Gabriel’s Trust Vision, head to their website.

Please contact us at CDEC for further information about the project.