The Bubble and Me

The Bubble and Me

Working with M-Unit and Tullie House, we are getting together with young people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds in Carlisle to explore their cultural identity and themes around belonging.

While sharing their lived experiences, the young Carlisle people involved will embark upon a creative project, which will also help them develop and be part of support bubbles and networks, which will allow them to safely and proudly express their individual and cultural, social and historical identity. Through activities, they will work with artists, gain skills in leadership, have the opportunity to work towards the Arts Award, and hopefully have a lot of fun and make new friends. 

By building confidence, communication and resilience, our city’s young people will be future-focused, hopeful and heard. They will use the experiences and personal stories of the pandemic, and the intensity of the Black Lives Matter consciousness to ensure they are school- and life- ready.

In addition, Bubble and Me contributes to CDEC's other current partnership project - Same Storm, Different Boats.

This project is kindly supported by Curious Minds.

This project is run in partnership with: