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About us

Cumbria Development Education Centre (CDEC) has been working since 1984 to inspire schools and local communities in Cumbria to engage with, understand and take responsibility for the world in which we all live and contribute to making it a fair and sustainable place.

We have done this by working in partnership to provide opportunities and activities that encourage critical thinking and global awareness. Our vision has always been for young people to have the skills and confidence to be able to face the challenges of today, to develop understanding of and respect for other people and places and to make informed choices that have a positive impact on society, the environment and the world around them.

CDEC is thus recognised as the leading provider of global learning training in Cumbria, with a nationwide reputation for excellence.  Since 2008 we have actively engaged with over 240 schools (more than 68% of all schools in Cumbria). CDEC develops and delivers innovative CPD and events for teachers, offers resource boxes for loan to member schools and implements funded projects which enable schools to access high-quality global education.

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